Four Hours of Non-Stop House Music

Non-Stop House Music

The House is a Feeling is an online radio show that focuses on introducing new artists and previews news in the House genre. House generally refers to music that is danceable and is similar to disco. Some of its most popular derivatives include Eurobeat, for music that originated mostly from Belgium and France, UK Garage, a subgenre that started as local garage bands in the UK before rising in popularity and Progressive or Deep House, which had a more trance music or atmospheric feel to it.

Dance Music – Happy Hardcore Candy-Rave

Candy rave

There has been a rise in the number of people who attend raves, which are usually dance festivals that are spread over a few days usually with live bands and light shows. While there are several types of rave, Candy Ravers stand out the most, with rather uplifting music rather than the darker angry lyrics associated with hard rock. They have become part of a dance lifestyle that takes dancing to the extreme, with flamboyant costumes and makeup. What sets ravers apart from other musical groups is that they try to incorporate the five fundamentals of their music (P.L.U.R.R  – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility)into their daily lives, thus breaking the wall between music and the mundane.

How Happy Are Your Things Making You?

How Happy Are Your Things Making You

There is a vast majority of older adults in developed countries that believe in the principles of shared economy. This peer-sharing principle can extend itself to closer, more personal goals. For some, the key to happiness lies in sharing and for others, it lies in possessing. Thoughts and dreams can be classified into a certain criterion, using which you can judge yourself, your thought and the actions that you have been doing right. The question you should be asking yourself for every action, every materialistic want is whether they have brought you inner peace or inner turmoil. By asking this question for everything in your life, success is guaranteed.