Electronica Keeps Everyone Dancing All Night Long


These past few years have seen the rise of more innovative and risk-free music. Discotheques and dance clubs are on the rise as more music becomes available and with it, a more selective crowd.  Electronic music, originated with the invention of the synth, House, a more soulful version of disco and the newcomer Dubstep have been embraced by crowds everywhere for their danceable nature.

These genres have gained so much popularities insomuch that there are artists who were born out of the need to enhance them and solely dedicated to these experimental music types.

Electronic Dance Music – The New Addition to Music

Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music or EDM emerged during the late 90’s, gaining a steady momentum in the 2000’s. EDM is a blanket term for any dance music that is mostly based more on electronic instruments than on vocals. This includes the hugely popular genre dubstep, which is a method of music sampling and playback, usually using a Launchpad or other sampling device. This grungy, rather hiccup-y sort of music has gained an enormous following for its headbanging rhythm, mostly lyricless composition, though sometimes a couple of lines are sung using voice modulators, and intense baselines. There are even certain dance clubs and music festivals dedicated solely to the phenomenon that has become EDM.

Deadmau5 Dubstep – For Beats that Drop Like a Bomb


The newest addition to the music family has many critics and admirers, mostly because of the way the music is produced. Artists do not usually need much more than a computer and the right software to produce dubstep. Often described as the time lapse photography of the musical world, dubstep has claimed many new artists with its catchy rhythm. One of the biggest artists to work exclusively with dubstep and EDM is Deadmau5,  a music producer and artist from Canada, who has been nominated for several awards, has worked with some of the greatest DJs alive and is one of the highest paid musicians in the dubstep industry.